Playing with Prana


“Playing with Prana” is a project for children, and it is the result of 19 years of research in the life force or Prana by the Brazilian holistic therapist Alice Domingues.

The project started with a workshop for kids that was presented for the first time in January 2000, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Since then, other presentations have taken place in different environments, including poor areas and in public schools located in very poor places throughout the city. It was presented with great success in the International Congresses of Pranic Healing in Bali and in Costa Rica.

We have already done courses for instructors of Playing with Prana on many places including one on Master’s Ashram for a group of many nationalities with the objective of spreading The Playing with Prana workshop on many countries.

To complement the workshop, we have the book: ´Playing with Prana - The Energy Planet`.

* We are looking for someone to publish the book.

About the author:

Alice Domingues is a Holistic Therapist, direct disciple of Master Choa Kok Sui, author of the book “Playing with Prana- The energy Planet” and organizer of the workshop “Playing with Prana”. She is a Telecommunication Engineer, Systems Analyst and Jewel Designer. She worked on the Brazilian Navy, and on Embratel, the Brazilian satellite company, where she worked on the team that launched the first five Brazilian satellites.