Playing with Prana Workshop for Kids

“Playing with Prana” is a workshop for children from six (6) to twelve (12) years old. The main goal of the Workshop is to connect children with the life force or Prana to make them being aware of the real meaning of this type of energy, bringing into their conscious awareness their inner power and the consequences of the misuse of energy.

During the workshop the children are introduced to a short form of meditation, physical and respiratory exercises to stimulate the life force and they are taught to feel, measure and use the energy to make their lives better.

The workshop is all based on a game where the children can play and learn with joy and happiness.

This work was presented with great success on International Pranic Healing Congresses and was totally approved by Master Choa Kok Sui the creator of Pranic Healing.

Workshop Program:

  • What is Prana
  • How to see the Prana
  • How to feel their own energy, the energy of the plants, objects and other people’s
  • How to absorb energy from the breath or from the nature
  • The power of the word and thought, and what happens with the energy if we talk good or bad things
  • How to choose things using energy
  • How to protect themselves from bad energy
  • Simplified Pranic Healing
  • How to stimulate the learning using the transmutation of basic energy
  • The golden law and the Karma law
  • Use of the Love energy
  • Bless of Mother Earth