Meditation for the Planetary Peace

The meditation for the Planetary Peace was created by Master Choa Kok Sui to support our planet to be full of love and peace. This present version allows children of all ages to take part in the meditation too. The children are guided through the meditation. It can be done as a relaxation meditation where they silently follow the instructions with their eyes closed. Or it is done as a play where the children form a circle and say all the blessings in a loud voice. When we bless the Earth with Love and Kindness, we are helping all humanity, as we give we receive. When we get all these beautiful, loving energies back, they can be multiplied many times over!!!

So let's learn this beautiful form of giving and getting...

  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Relax and breathe deeply 3 times
  • Think of a happy moment
  • Open your hands and imagine yourself taking a beautiful golden heart out of your heart and putting it in your right hand
  • Think of another happy moment
  • Open your hands and imagine yourself taking a lovely golden heart from the top of your head and putting it on your left hand
  • Imagine the Earth the size of a small ball in front of you
  • Turn your open hands toward Earth at breast height
  • Imagine that out of your hands are coming out all the good things you want for Earth, nature and all beings
  • Say these wishes aloud
  • Thank Earth for all the good things it gives you

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