“Playing with Prana” Products


Book “Playing with Prana – The Planet Energy” - Code: BCP01

Lilly, a little girl, is taken on an adventure in the world of energy by Little Prana, a friendly representative of the Sun.

Book “Playing with Prana – The Energy Man” - Code: BCP02

On their second adventure, Lilly and Little Prana travel through the energetic body, teaching kids what Chakras’ functions are.

Book “Playing with Prana – The Rainbow Universe” - Code: BCP03

Lilly and Little Prana go into the Rainbow to teach kids about colors.

“Playing with Prana” Book App

“Playing with Prana – The Planet Energy” App for tablets

For iPads: App Store.

For Android tablets: Google Play.

For Kindles: Amazon App Store.

Instructor Formation Course Kit - Code: BCP04

The Instructor Formation Course Kit has the objective of training instructors of “Playing with Prana” workshop for kids. The course kit consists of 1 Instructor Course DVD, 1 Workshop for Kids DVD, and 1 CD with all the teaching material.

“Playing with Prana” Book Series in other languages

“Playing with Prana” Books are available in the following lanaguages: German, French, Italian, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Visit the German publisher: playingwithprana.de.

How to purchase a Playing with Prana product:

To purchase the Book Series (paper books) in Portuguese, or the Instructor Formation Course Kit, send an email to [email protected] with the product code.
The payment is made with PayPal.
To purchase the Book Series (paper books) in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Bulgarian, access www.playingwithprana.de.
To purchase the Book App (interactive book for tablets, two languages in one: Portuguese and English!), access www.biancovilli.com or search through your Apple store with the key words “prana” or “little prana”.